Mary Ann Benigno is very sensitive and mostly enjoys playing with children

Nowadays environment really needs to be taken care of and Mary Ann Benigno has taken this issue in consideration. She is an inspiring soul and she is on the mission to clean roads and the streets. She is even taking care of all the parks, green trees and the road sides and the result to this will get in fresh air after few years.

Since the industry revolution came in India, pollution started to rule everywhere and this pollution is really affecting our way of living and so, Mary Ann Benigno has decided to bring some change in the environment and this amazing work is being appreciated by everyone.

Well, the strategy that needs to accomplish this cleaning mission requires the help of the local people and she is working accordingly to ask for assistance. Interesting this is, Mary Ann Benigno is all set for the head start and she has planned as per what would happen in when. She believes that it will require lots of efforts but then people will be exploring clean and green city around there.

Well, let me feed you with some of her hobbies and interest. As a person she is very sensitive and mostly enjoys playing with children. The basic motive of Mary Ann Benigno to clean up the entire city is for the children, as they don’t have to go on the roads to play. She believes that children are future of our nation and she wants all those children to grow with better present and future. Not only this, she is even associated with NGO campaigns and events and she thinks that it is the best place to figure the inner strength of any person and interact with different people.  Mary Ann Benigno is even an avid book reader and mostly prefers reading philosophical stuff.

Let me tell you an incident occurred with Mary Ann Benigno, she actually line ups all the thing before going to an event organization and she prepares step by step procedure for organizing events and these steps are to be explained to people when she visits them. Now what does this plan includes? Donation for equipments to food and even encouraging the local people to do some good things. Well you need extreme talent to convince people and even can be a tough task.

Mary Ann Benigno has come up with a proposal for green space community. The proposal includes pectin tables, movies and playing area, gardens, where children and other adults can spend their time happily. She is making lots of efforts to convince people in offering her helping hands in clean up in order to live in a healthy environment and this is very necessary for the upcoming generations. So cleaning up things is very sacrosanct. It is more about picking up garbage from the street, which will have an positive effect on everyone’s life.


Author: Aaron Guetterman

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