About Forest Insurance by Aaron Guettermen

Aaron Guetterman – Forest Insurance Agent


Aaron Guetterman works as an agency manager at TLG, and he has helped this company to grow its services rapidly in the market. he has his major contributions in most important services of TLG, such as expense services, mortgage protection and insurance services to help people that are facing unexpected loses their home due any type of financial problem, death, disability or unemployment. He is an experienced insurance manager who is an important part of The Leazer Group in which he has helped them in their several development changes and success in the market.

Aaron Guettermen states the importance of forests and the importance of forest insurance because maintaining a forest is not an easy or inexpensive task; rather, it is the exact opposite of it. A forestry business involves consulting, contracting, manufacturing, building and even forest ownership along with insurance policies.

The following are the claims that one can file if the forest is insured:

· Trees themselves

· Specialist forestry equipment

· Liability cover for adjoining properties in case of fire et-cetera

· Site clearing and replanting costs

· Forest infrastructure such as firefighting stations and roads

· Claims preparation and salvage costs

· Covers liability under Forest and Rural Fires Act

· Firefighting expense

· Pollution liability

· Building shop

· Property Damages or bodily injury

Benefits of Forest Insurance

There are various benefits of forest insurance, such as:

· It saves money in case of fires or equipment damages

· It cover costs of replantation, which is a very expensive process

· It keeps a check on forest fires

· It helps in controlling pollution

· It ensures the adjoining property owners that their property is safe or at least, their money is

· It gives individuals, who are connected with it, a peace of mind in terms of security and care.

Why Get It Insured?

Aaron states that there is absolutely no guarantee of mishappenings, especially for such a large area. There are many mishappenings that can happen to a forest which are summarized as follows:

· Fire- Forest fires are a very common phenomenon because of various reasons like burning cigarette buds, head, friction, thunder et-cetera. There is no easy way to clear a forest fire because of all the wood, which acts as a fuel and gives the term its meaning, wildfire.

· Natural Calamities- Calamities like earthquake, floods et-cetera can occur anytime of the day. No one can prevent it, but can surely be cautious. Forest insurance helps to cover some parts of such calamities’ damage and secures the individuals dealing with it.

· Deforestation- The process of cutting down of forests for man-made reasons is known as deforestation. It not only destroys the soil, but also causes a lot of pollution. Insurance also covers such issues like pollution or deforestation, as a whole and allows individuals to use the insurance money for re plantation or in other activities which reduce pollution.

There is no way to prevent bad luck. Always have insurance; as someone has rightly said- Prevention (being cautious) is better than cure.

Author: Aaron Guetterman

Aaron Guetterman is an insurance agent operating out of Raleigh, NC. Visit here... https://wallethub.com/profile/aaron-c-guetterman-13703950i/

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